At the St. Francis Inn, there is a sign on the inside of the door that says “Smile--Jesus is at the door!”, reminding team members and volunteers that no matter how late they are after the meal, no matter what their request is, whoever is at the door holds God within them. What a gift that year was to me. However, instead of always wishing I could go back to that year and feeling like no experience after that could measure up, I can remember that what I learned during my FVM year and the relationships I formed are within me forever.  A quote I’ve fallen in love with recently that makes the same beautiful point as that sign at the Inn is this: Remember Everyone Suffers Painful Experiences; [...]

November 24th, 2020|

Saints Right in Front of Me

God is good. All the time. A common saying among believers, and for my generation it is even used as a call and response. Where one person will say “God is good” and then you would respond with “All the time”.  It has become such a common saying that it has somehow lost its full meaning. It’s one thing to just say these words out of habit and something entirely different to hear them. Hearing these words from a person in need gives the phrase entirely new and refreshed meaning.  This was my experience at St. Francis Inn a few weeks ago. As a man was leaving the Inn, he proclaimed those very words “God is good. All the time”.  This man, in his position, could easily curse God, [...]

November 17th, 2020|

Remembering Brother Chris

Franciscan Volunteer Ministry is a ministry of and rooted in the spirit, work and support of Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Province. Each FVM community is blessed with a Friar Site Supervisor who serves them as mentor and friend throughout their ministry. In July of 2020, FVM had to say goodbye to a loving friend and Friar Site Supervisor, Brother Chris Posch, OFM. Br. Chris served with FVM since the Spring of 2003 and we will forever be changed by his joy, humility, and love of Christ. No amount of words could capture the spirit of our dear brother, but below we’d like to share a few stories from former FVMs about his life and impact. Excerpt from Stephanie Mobley, FVM Silver Spring 2016-2018 When he picked me up [...]

October 29th, 2020|

A Diamond in the Rough

Please try to forgive me for my naivety. However, I never expected to stumble upon a masterpiece of a mural in the pedestrian tunnel on 5th street right by the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. It’s possible David and Deaynna didn’t either. Liam did however, as evidenced by the fact that he purposely led us to this hidden gem of a tunnel that glows with paintings of the city of Philadelphia and its development over time. I now realize that I need to recognize that beauty can be found truly anywhere you look hard enough for it. This was the theme of a book an FVM alum shared with us during one of our orientation zoom sessions. Beauty is easily encountered here in Philadelphia, a city brimming with gorgeous public artwork [...]

October 5th, 2020|

People Make a Difference

 For those who practice service, moments of reflection can come from the most unexpected situations. I couldn’t have guessed it myself, but barreling down a Philadelphia highway in a large van lovingly named “Orca” (as in the whale), hauling boxes of cakes, bread, and meat on a Wednesday morning (10 a.m., to be precise) is perhaps as good a time as any. I was joining a long-time volunteer of the St. Francis Inn, learning more about the essential task of donation pick-ups. As the situation allowed, he and I filled our time on the road with some conversation, sharing a bit about ourselves and our experiences. In passing, he mentioned a past job he was not initially drawn to, but over time became comfortable, then joyful, to have. He attributed [...]

September 21st, 2020|
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