Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until all volunteer placements are filled or until mid-July. The priority deadline for applications is January 18th. Many of the questions on the application do not determine acceptance in the program, but help in determining appropriate placement in Franciscan Volunteer Ministry (FVM). Please fill out the application as completely as possible. If a question is not applicable, please write N/A.

Once an application is submitted, the FVM staff will determine if an applicant should move on to the interview phase of the process. The FVM staff will also contact the three references listed in the application with a link to fill out a recommendation form. The FVM Staff will update you as we receive the reference forms. Once all the references are received, we invite our applicants to the interview stage of the application process. All interviews will take place virtually at this time.

The application consists of the following components: Application Information, Resume, Essay, Photo, Self Evaluation, and Health Information. If you have any questions please feel email the FVM Associate Director ([email protected]).

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