Meet The Friars

Michael Duffy, OFM

“One of the main purposes stated in the foundational beginnings of the FVM program was the  desire to promote the Franciscan Spirit in the world.  If the numbers in religious life were dwindling as vocations became fewer, why not  infuse the laity with that charism to keep it alive in the world? … The Franciscan spirit is alive and well … The experience of praying, ministering and interacting with young spirited FVMs in the framework of a gentle, joyful, service driven Franciscan outlook is an experience that is profound soul satisfying.”

Hugh Macsherry, OFM

“As a site supervisor, I’ve had great opportunities and challenges to spend 11 months with young adults at a pivotal point in their lives.  They have always been people of surprises and growing in faith.  They have helped me feel energized! … Our FVMs remind me of zeal for our Christian mission and challenge me to engage that mission in new ways.”

Chris Posch, OFM

“My Franciscan vocation has been profoundly enriched by FVMs’ truth- seeking, connecting faith with action, wrestling with dragons, longing for union with the Almighty, selfless giving, articulating thought provoking questions & outrage, maximizing each moment, and simply having a good time & enjoying life’s many blessings.”