“FVM helped me to become who I’ve always wanted to be by allowing me to live out God’s call to serve! What a gift to be able to share in God’s love with others.” ~FVM alumna


During their year of service, the Franciscan Volunteer Ministers live together as a community.  They share their lives by serving alongside one another, sharing meals, having fun, and praying together.  Community living offers an opportunity for mutual support, affirmation, challenge, and the experience of realizing the benefits of working as a family while growing in faith. The FVM residences are located in the neighborhoods of the people served so the volunteers can live with and among the poor.


Franciscan Volunteer Ministry provides a setting for volunteers to grow in faith, love, and hope by directly serving those marginalized by society and working for social justice. Our FVMs can be involved in a variety of different ministries, including serving in a restaurant-style soup kitchen, schools, or hospitals; social services with immigrants; parish ministry; peace and justice ministry; and community outreach and organization.  Our FVMs have a genuine opportunity to grow in relationship with those they are serving.


St. Francis of Assisi had a great love of God and all of God’s creation.  In particular, St. Francis loved those who were poor and neglected, for in them he saw Christ.  He served God by serving his poor brothers and sisters. This is the basis of the Franciscan Volunteer Ministry. During the year, the FVMs will have opportunities to learn about Franciscan spirituality and grow in their faith.  At least once a week, FVMs will pray together as a community. There are also opportunities to attend daily Mass, meet with a spiritual director, and additional opportunities for personal prayer.  There are also four program-wide retreats throughout the volunteer year, which offers time for reflection, prayer, and renewal.