Meet The 2020-2021 FVMs



Hometown: Chicago

Fun Fact: “I was able to see Pope Francis at World Youth Day in Panama 2019”

Future Dream Job: Campus Minister

A hope for your FVM year: “As a FVM I am hopeful to spread the spirit of St Francis to the community. I aspire to have all of our guests feel as if they belong to the St Francis Inn family. This way they feel open to share the love and compassion to others in the neighborhood.”


Hometown: Saugus, MA

School: Saint Anselm College

Major: Sociology

Quote that Inspires: “We love the things we love for what they are” – Robert Frost

A hope for your FVM year: “To practice love with my community and those I walk alongside this year.”


Hometown: South Bend, IN

Favorite Meal: Breakfast

Fun Fact: “I am a former professional ballet dancer, I started dancing when I was 3, got my first contract at 18, and retired 7 years into my professional career.”

A hope for your FVM year: “I hope to gain a true “servant’s heart” this year, because in the past I have not always invested my time and energy in service of others. I also look forward to navigating living in community, since I’m generally an independent person.”


Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Quote that Inspires: “Love alone creates”

Future Goal: To follow St. Francis’ footsteps

A Gratitude: Family, friends, and people that I work and minister with and for

A hope for your FVM year: “That I may grow deeply in the Love of Christ through serving the marginalized, the less fortunate, and the forgotten”



Hometown: Fairhaven, MA

School: Providence College

Major: Sociology & Theology

Last book read: “The God Who Sees” by Karen Gozalez

A hope for your FVM year: “I hope to learn a lot and grow in my understanding of the world, learn to live out the Franciscan spirituality, and to form relationships with as many people as possible in Durham!”


Hometown: Levittown, PA

School: Rosemont College

Major: Psychology & Sociology

Favorite Food: Seafood Enchiladas

A hope for your FVM year: “To serve as many people as I can”